Study Reveals Servers In Restaurants Hardly Have Any Insight About Food Allergies

Recent research revealed that while eating outside the home, people who have some food allergies usually trust the servers regarding the information they give about the safety of food customers are going to eat. But the actual fact is that the staff of restaurants has very less knowledge about the allergies caused due to different food items.

In randomly selected Germany’s Dusseldorf’s 15 districts, a test was done by an international team of research for getting an idea about the knowledge regarding food allergy. This research was done in 295 staff members of restaurants of these 15 districts.

On Wednesday, a report revealed that among those 295 staff members, 50% correctly said three allergens which are fish, eggs, and milk. Very few members replied the correct answer to the questions asked to them about food allergies.

The researcher of UOD, Adrian Loerbroks said that they looked the attitude and knowledge of the restaurant staff members but their knowledge level is least about allergens rather we expect, even though they are handling various food materials every day.

 The allergies caused due to food actually result of the immune system of the body and wrongly consumed protein with food causes serious problems. Even a small amount of food like milk, shellfish, eggs, and peanuts can cause allergies.

In October and August of the year 2017, this interview was performed on 295 staff members of restaurants. Among 295, 48% were servers, less than half means 46% had done training of prevention from a food allergy and the major part around 89% informed about allergy resistant meals with confidence.

The research team found that even though many of the members were confident but only 41% answered correctly about allergy knowledge.

Loerborks called this information a bit concerning. He said that he didn’t expect that those people who are working every day with food materials have the least knowledge about allergies. Actually, he had thought that these people might have enough knowledge about allergens.