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NASA Renames Street Outside Its HQ As “Hidden Figures Way”

As part of honoring the three women of African-American origin who had played an important role in paving the way in space agency for posterity, NASA has named the streets outside its headquarters as “Hidden Figures Way”. The three women namely Katherine Johnson, Mary Jackson and Dorothy Vaughan had made remarkable contributions in the field of space flight in 1960s. However their struggles and successes came to be known to the people only after many decades.

Margot Lee Shetterly, who was the author of the book which was the inspiration behind the Oscar-nominated movie, said in Washington that Hidden Figures helped in valuing the contributions of the unnoticed people who made important contributions at the starting of this story. She said that we have reached in the present state and who we are now is because of the courage and persistence of those people. The unveiling of street name was attended by Ms Shetterly along with each of the woman’s family members.

Ted Cruz, Republican Senator had cosponsored the bill for the renaming of the block and he said that the coming generations would be inspired by the name. He further said that when small boys and girls come to visit NASA they would look up and see this sign. This would serve as powerful evidence that if somebody happened to tell the little children that they cannot do something, they were telling a lie.

It was in the 1940s that African-American women who were college educated were recruited by NASA as human computers. However those people had to face discrimination at work, both gender and racial. NASA will be celebrating the 50th anniversary of their first moon walk on July 20 and the renaming of the streets has come ahead of this celebration. NASA has announced that by 2024 they would be sending Americans to moon and this would include the very first woman to be walking on the surface of the moon. NASA said that of the total 500 above people who have gone to space, the percentage of women is less than 11%.