Detective Pikachu All Set For Outstanding Performance In Its Opening Weekend

Though the movie was set to release in the 90s, there had been a dispute between the film and gaming industry due to which Detective Pikachu couldn’t turn into a movie. On May 10, 2019, Detective Pikachu finally made it to the silver screen and had earned a great deal of praise from critics and fans all around the globe.

Critics had praised the movie for its great CGI and funny themes but the movie also had to face negative remarks for bad storytelling. Detective Pikachu is a story of a Pokemon who tries to find Tim Goodman’s father who went missing. The setting of the film is in a fictional town called Ryme City where humans, as well as Pokemon, live in harmony. By the end of the movie, Detective Pikachu finds a secret which could cause chaos and destruction in Ryme City.

Out of the total audience who watched the movie, 87% appreciated it. Todd Jorgenson wrote on his social media account that it is more fun to play Pokemon rather than to watch it act on a silver screen. The voice of Detective Pikachu is given by Ryan Gosling aka The Deadpool.

While speaking to the press, Jeff Bock said that movie adaptation of the bestselling game is not a fruitful endeavor. He further said that every other game which has been adapted for silver screen has turned a big letdown. Another analyst stated that Rotten Tomatoes is considered as a great consulting site for movie lovers and on that portal, none of the game adapted movie had got a good rating.

All in all, analysts had predicted that the movie could earn a staggering $70 million during its first-weekend collection. Moreover, the Warner Brothers have estimated that the movie could make near about $50 million from the opening weekend collection. There are millions of fans of Pokemon all over the world who would definitely make the movie a great hit.