CSA supports Mission Control For Software Development For Lunar Mission

The Canadian Space Agency(CSA) has extended their support for developing Mission Control Software for space exploration assignments of next generation. $250k will be contributed by CSA towards the Space Technology Development Program for their development and this will in turn help Mission Control to be able to participate in the lunar robotic missions.

Mission control’s Chief Technology Officer, Dr. Michele Faragalli said that the current programs like the Commercial Lunar Payload Service of NASA will give a new face to space exploration. He further mentioned that rovers as well as some other types of robotic systems would play a significant part in commercial lunar exploration. The rover technology used currently requires management by the operators on earth continuously and is expensive. Exploration based on rovers can be made cost-effective by providing flexible options for the operators on the earth and if the performance of tasks could be made autonomously onboard.

The Mission Control Software will result in low-cost missions by organizing operations and development of space robotics. This will result in efficient operations, quicker development and a better mission management experience. By using cloud-based connectivity, mission operators situated at any part of the world would b able to make their participation in the lunar exploration. This would also give a chance to the non-experts like the students and Canadian public members to engage themselves in lunar missions.

Many software-based systems have been developed by Mission Control for increasing safety, efficiency and the scientific return of rover missions. The Mission Control Software which can be used for addressing operational issues faced during analogue missions and field tests is actually an extension of the above mentioned work. Mission Control’s President and CEO, Ewan Reid said that the Mission Control Software will allow people to operate the robots on moon and to interact with them. He thanked CSA for providing their support for the advanced technology.