Sugar May Be The Culprit For Lung Diseases

A new research states that glucose levels in the lung can impact its functionality. This research was conducted on mice. Scientists believe that better respiratory therapies can be developed by working on the results received from this research.

There are millions of people around the globe (including people living in United States) who suffer from critical respiratory diseases. As per the information received from the Office of Disease Prevention & Health Promotion, approximately 25 million Americans suffer from asthma. This is a critical respiratory condition in which people suffer from shortness in breathing. For this reason, scientists are constantly on lookout for new therapies which can assist in improving the health conditions of people suffering from respiratory issues.

The present study was conducted on a mouse model by the researchers from Manchester University of Britain. They have found a strong link between the glucose levels in the lung and the behavior of macrophages. These cells are known to be special immune cells which boost inflammation. Macrophages are a type of white blood cells. The prime role of these cells is to detect and destroy external infections and viruses.

The detailed research paper has been published in the journal named Nature Immunology. The research states that if sugar receptors are blocked in the lungs, this might lead to reduction in inflammation. On the other hand, increasing the levels of glucose in the lungs might facilitate the response of the immune system in people suffering from breathing problems.

The research has been sponsored by NGOs, research groups, Pharmaceutical brands, Wellcome Trust in London, Medical Research Council & Biotechnology of United Kingdom, Biological Sciences Research Council, Asthma from United Kingdom, AstraZeneca and National Institutes of Health (NIH). The study has been led by Professor Andrew MacDonald who is a PhD from the Manchester University.

By Aaron Fortunato

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