Study Reveals Tinnitus Can Irritate Some To The Point Of Suicide

A new research has shown that the severe tinnitus particularly in women could make them desperate to kill themselves. The survey in which 72000 adults in Sweden found 9% of women suffering from tinnitus that was severe had tried suicide as 5.5% men.

After going through the data, researchers in Europe has found that link between tinnitus and the risk of attempting suicide was only important for women. Christopher Cederroth, the lead researcher said that an increased risk of attempts of suicide doesn’t mean increased risk in cases of suicides. The researchers also said that not a cause and effect association but only an association was observed.

He added that he was not aware of any suicides that were associated to tinnitus. Cederroth said that their results reflected the psychological effect of tinnitus than the risk of committing a suicide. He said that the risk of suicide was not important for those who had got their tinnitus treated. A specialist’s medical attention might help decrease the distress related to tinnitus.

He added that although there are no treatments for getting rid of tinnitus, a visit to specialist might help reduce the distress and may diminish the risk for attempting suicide. The director of neurotology at the hospital of Lenox Hill had reviewed this study. He said that though the cause of tinnitus hasn’t been known, there are many ways that are available to help individuals to cope up with this condition. Kohan said that this disease can be debilitating and severe.

He said that this condition is common that affects around 20% of population. Although he wasn’t sure as to why the link between tinnitus and the risk of suicide seems to be more severe in women as compared to men. He added that it was maybe the manner the study was conducted.

By Aaron Fortunato

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