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Stick Of Gum Camera Is The Strangest Pop-Up Camera Designed To Date

The engineers are right now focusing on developing a phone having no notches, bezel-free, no camera holes, and most importantly a complete full-screen option. In case of the camera, many of the companies have started building a front-camera commonly known as the selfie camera as it generally hides away and only peeps out when needed. Oppo has recently has got this feature added into its phone and the newest version is quite a unique version. The strangest design has been termed as a stick of gum design, which is basically a pop-up camera. It is something similar to a scalene triangle.

Oppo accuses a Chinese social networking site Weibo of leaking its latest design pattern of the upcoming phones. The newly designed camera feature has a number of nicknames like a Zippo-style lighter, shark fin, and many more. The social networking site seems to have portrayed the camera mechanism exactly the same way it is mentioned confirming the issues regarding data breach. Oppo’s new handpiece named Oppo Reno is being apparently predicted as just a codename and not the exact name. Any guesses for the phone name currently would seem pointless. As per the company officials, there are many Reno models that are already in work and have a different set of pop-up cameras.

The latest happening news is the disclosure of the stick of gum model and additionally the well-known sliding camera with a slight similarity to the RX17, a tiny pop-up unit on top, and a similar unit that springs from the side. The pop-up camera can help free some space for phones. The smartphone is expected to be launched in the China market first by next month. Its launch in the UK is unpredictable but considering its solid presence it would not take a long time. The Chinese mobile maker Oppo has recently announced that its new 5G phone possessing multi-mode, multi-frequency, and multi-EN-DC has cleared the 5G CE tests conducted by Sporton International Inc and was approved by CTC.

By Aaron Fortunato

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