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Sony Might Slash 50% Of Its Smartphone Department By 2020

Sony is supposedly gearing up to pull up some of its shares in the handset business. As per media, the major tech producer is aiming to slash almost 505 of its handset labor force by 2020. The possible layoffs can leave almost 2,000 individuals without a job, although the firm is likely to shift some of those labors to other departments. Media reached out to the firm related to the layoffs.

The reported slashes at Sony might be should not come as a shock. The Japanese tech behemoth has never been capable of getting a proper ground within the sector. The firm’s handsets have fallen almost completely out of favor. While almost 1.6 Billion handsets exported last year, only 10 Million of them were Sony handsets, as per the media reports. In spite of the grappling sales, the firm launched a new flagship handset, the Xperia 1, at MWC 2019.

The speculated layoffs will not be the first time the firm has decreased its handset department. The firm cut off 2,000 workers in 2009 after shutting down 4 plants where it made handsets. It cut 1,000 extra jobs from the division in 2015 in reaction to fewer earnings.

On a related note, only months after Activision slashed off 8% of its labor force, EA is the newest AAA games publisher to declare its personal job slashes. The firm behind Apex Legends and FIFA is letting go 350 people (almost 4% of its labor force) from publishing, marketing, and other regions, as per media reports. Those impacted have allegedly been known of looming slashes since October and will be offered severance package. Andrew Wilson (EA boss) claimed to the media that the decision might rationalize decision-making in the impacted divisions and enhance customer support. “This is a hard time. The modifications we are making will affect almost 350 people,” Wilson claimed.

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