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Some Tesla Sites Now Restrict Supercharging To 80%

Tesla has started placing a restriction on some Supercharger stations in a bid to lower wait times. In a worker memo seen by the media, the auto manufacturer claimed that it has launched a function that will restrict users’ State of Charge to 80%, offering more users a chance to charge faster. That claimed, it will only impact select high traffic locations, specifically 17% of all its sites in North America

The restriction will be implemented at 8% of the stations permanently at all times, while another 9% will be impacted by the restrictions during the holidays or when there are huge events such as Coachella. A Tesla spokesperson claimed to the media that 17% of the firm’s Supercharging websites will put into effect the restrictions at any given time. Tesla claims that users that stop by at an impacted station will get a notification about it, so they do not get taken by shock.

Although the restriction will be an enduring feature at some sites, there appears to be a method to get past it for those who actually require that additional juice for lengthy trips. Media claims that they just require to make certain they are routed to a Supercharger on the way to their location and do not identify the station as the last stop.

On a related note, when Tesla removed free Supercharging as a referral award, it claimed that the advantage was “including too much prices to vehicles.” Even so, the auto manufacturer clearly recognizes it is something that potential users would be grateful for, since it is kind of bringing back free Supercharging. Media has found that it is back as an advantage again, although only for inventory Model X and S cars. Also, it only applies to the earlier models that do not come with the hardware updates Tesla declared in April.

By Aaron Fortunato

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