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Shotgun-Firing Drone By Russia Is Developed To Take Down Enemy Drones

In recent days, a video emerged online regarding scary concept—a drone mounted in its airframe with a shotgun. But it does not seem like it is developed to hunt users. The video is a representation of a Russian device that has developed to take on tiny aircraft, such as other drones.

The drone appears to have started development earlier in 2016 (through Foxtrot Alpha) at the Moscow Aviation Institute from a bunch of candidates. While there have been examples of individuals mounting chainsaws and firearms to drones, there are some disadvantages—the recoil from a gunshot makes it unrealistic for actually turning into an effectual weapons platform.

As per the media, the students seem to have resolved that issue by designing a stabilizing method to enhance its accurateness. Almaz-Antey (the Russian arms manufacturer) has since been approved of a copyright for the design, and most probably developed the prototype.

The drone itself is equipped with a Russian-created Vepr-12 shotgun. In addition to this, an operator with the help of a visor from the ground can manage the drone. The aircraft vertically takes off and can fly for almost 40 Minutes, and as per media, is developed as a mean to attack tiny drones from above.

On a related note, the US Air Force has tested successfully a jet-powered, enhanced drone dubbed as the XQ58-A Valkyrie. This drone can someday help human-controlled fighter jets on missions. The idea is a bit like something we have witnessed in video games. A drone can fight together with a human pilot or can take enemy fire for the human-controlled jets.

The drone was designed as an association between the Kratos Unmanned Aerial Systems and Air Force Research Laboratory as a comparatively affordable platform that can fill an electronic strike, warfare, and surveillance role on the battlefield.

By Aaron Fortunato

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