Recurring Depression Likely To Affect Memory In Later Life

A new study states that people who suffer from depression throughout their lives are more prone to memory issues at later stages in life. A link has already been established between depression and mental issues in short term.

For example, a study which was published in the journal named Cognition & Emotion showed a link between dysphoria and low working power; it was published in 2016.Dysphoria refers to a continuous state of unhappiness and dissatisfaction in life.

The present study has been carried on by the academics from Sussex University, Brighton, United Kingdom. As per the researchers there is a direct link between mental health issues and memory loss at or after the age of 50. Darya Gaysina informed that more the instances of depression, more the chances of cognitive impairments.

This research has been referred as the longitudinal study. It has been published in the British Journal of Psychiatry. The scientists observed data of 9385 individuals who were born in United Kingdom in 1958. The data has been collected by the National Child Development Study or NCDS. This research is considered to be the first one which is looking at the long term implications of depression on memory power.

NCDS has been collecting data for past 60 years. It has data of an individual at an age of 7, 11, 16, 23, 33, 42, 44, 46, 50 and 55 years. These people have also reported depression related issues at the age of 23, 33, 42 and 50. They have also agreed to take the test on cognitive health when reaching the age of 50.

Gaysina and the fellow researchers observed how often these people have reported about depression related issues in their lifetime. Then they assessed the memory function of these individuals when they reached 50 years of age.

By Charles Gonzalez

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