Heart Medicine Likely To Lower Risk Of Prostate Cancer

A new study has shown that the medication of blood pressure could help reduce the risk for developing in men prostate cancer.

Scientists have found that atenolol which is a beta blocker cuts the risk of developing prostate cancer in men by half as compared to those men who may not be taking beta blocker.

The findings show that the medication could significantly lower the risk of low grade cancer in prostrate. However, this effect was found only with atenolol. The other two beta blockers – metoprolol and carvedilol did not seem to protect against the cancer. Dr. Paul Frenette, co-researcher of the study said that atenolol was significantly associated with the protection against prostate cancer. Mayo clinic said that beta blockers lower BP when they block the effects of the hormone of adrenaline which allows the heart to beat slowly with less force. These drugs help relax the blood vessels which help them open up and improve the flow of blood. Beta blockers also help inhibit cells that line the inner part of the arteries and veins and make them harder to form fresh blood vessels. Frenette said that the drugs change the cells’ metabolism. As the cancerous tumors depend on new vessels of blood for their survival, the researchers speculated that beta blockers might block the progress of the cancer.

They took around 4200 men who might have received a biopsy form 2006-2016. Of these men, around 670 of them were taking the beta blockers. The researchers compared beta blockers which they were using against if they were diagnosed with the cancer in prostate and if yes how advanced was their cancer. Frenette said that the drug atenolol could have had the effect while other drugs did not as it could linger in prostrate for longer period of time.

By Charles Gonzalez

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