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Dementia Cases In Advanced Nations On Rise

Alzheimer’s Research in UK which is a charity has warned that dementia has become one of the biggest challenges of the health industry today. The disease was first found in 1906 by a doctor in Germany named Alois Alzheimer when he performed autopsy on a lady with extreme memory loss. He found that her brain had shrunken dramatically and there were abnormalities around nerve cells. In those days this disease was rare and was hardly studied. Today one person is diagnosed with dementia per three seconds. The disease has become the bigger killer in few wealthier countries. It is untreatable.

Dementia is basically the symptom that is found in several brain diseases.

One of the common traits of dementia is memory loss, especially when one struggles to remember the events that occurred recently. Some of the other symptoms of dementia include behavior changes, personality and mood changes, to become lost in well-known places or unable to recollect the right word in conversations. Sometimes people don’t even know that they require drinking or eating.

Alzheimer’s is the common disease which causes dementia. Other diseases include lewy bodies’ dementia, dementia in fronto-temporal, vascular dementia, dementia in Parkinson’s disease, sclerosis in amyotrophic lateral and the new disease Late.

Globally 50 million individuals suffer from dementia. Health practitioners are predicting that the cases of dementia are likely to rise by 2050 to 130 million as population will age.

According to the WHO, dementia related deaths have doubled from the year 2000 and the disease is the fifth largest killer worldwide. The disease has already garnered the first spot in few richer countries.

In Wales and England, one out of eight deaths is caused due to dementia. The chief executive of Alzheimer’s Research, Hilary Evans said that dementia is the biggest challenge in today’s time for the health industry.

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