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NASA Renames Street Outside Its HQ As “Hidden Figures Way”

As part of honoring the three women of African-American origin who had played an important role in paving the way in space agency for posterity, NASA has named the streets outside its headquarters as “Hidden Figures Way”. The three women namely Katherine Johnson, Mary Jackson and Dorothy Vaughan had made remarkable contributions in the field of space flight in 1960s. However their struggles and successes came to be known to the people only after many decades.

Margot Lee Shetterly, who was the author of the book which was the inspiration behind the Oscar-nominated movie, said in Washington that Hidden Figures helped in valuing the contributions of the unnoticed people who made important contributions at the starting of this story. She said that we have reached in the present state and who we are now is because of the courage and persistence of those people. The unveiling of street name was attended by Ms Shetterly along with each of the woman’s family members.

Ted Cruz, Republican Senator had cosponsored the bill for the renaming of the block and he said that the coming generations would be inspired by the name. He further said that when small boys and girls come to visit NASA they would look up and see this sign. This would serve as powerful evidence that if somebody happened to tell the little children that they cannot do something, they were telling a lie.

It was in the 1940s that African-American women who were college educated were recruited by NASA as human computers. However those people had to face discrimination at work, both gender and racial. NASA will be celebrating the 50th anniversary of their first moon walk on July 20 and the renaming of the streets has come ahead of this celebration. NASA has announced that by 2024 they would be sending Americans to moon and this would include the very first woman to be walking on the surface of the moon. NASA said that of the total 500 above people who have gone to space, the percentage of women is less than 11%.

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Discount Factor Pulling American Consumers To Walmart, Costco, Target& America’s Dollar Stores

Although most retail stocks have fallen over the course of the last few weeks, some have managed to keep it together and come out unaffected. One statistic might explain why American dollar stores, Walmart and Target are successfully going ahead, whereas apparel chains and department stores have fallen.

Frugal customers now have increased spending powers, which is something retailers should factor in. Merrill Lynch and BOA stated that purchases by households with below $50000 income levels have grown by 6% during April when compared to last year. This is more than high-income and middle-income household spending growth rates.

Despite the China-US trade war, consumer confidence is still high due to low unemployment rates. Low-income household shoppers also went a lot to stores during the year’s start. However, instead of Nordstrom or Tiffany, they prefer Dollar Tree and Walmart.

This is the main reason discount stores are currently thriving even under unfavorable conditions elsewhere.

Outdated and enclosed shopping malls will be hit the most by this move. This will benefit Target and Walmart as competition in this sector shrinks even further.

Sears and JC Penny and other departmental stores have had to close stores in huge numbers. Forever 21, Dressbarn, Gap, A&F are all struggling currently. Dollar Tree, Dollar General, Costco, Target, and Walmart’s shares have gone up over 11%, 20%, 20%, 30% and 12% respectively this year. Web Smith, the founder of 2PM, a retail platform, stated that Americans had moved to empty lands filled with stores with the highest capita globally. The period including 1950s and later decades saw an explosion in suburban malls. People were convinced that this bubble wouldn’t ever pop.

However, it is going down for this sector rather quickly. 7150 closures have so far, been announced in 2019 by US retailers, as per reports from Coresight Research. Victoria’s Secret, Gymboree, Payless ShoeSource, Charlotte Russe, and Dressbarn were most affected.

However, BOA stated that low-income household spending was still going forward.

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New Report Focuses On Hundreds Of Pool Deaths Of Young Youngsters

Recent national report of 2016 reveals that 389 teenagers under 15 years of age were drowned in hot tubs and pools in U.S. About 74% of deaths were of kids below 5 years.

Nikki Fleming, leader of Consumer Product Safety Commission’s sponsored campaign; Pool Safely said that there has been an increase in the number of deaths of children below 15 years of age due to drowning. He also said that according to the numbers, drowning is still the main cause of accidental death of kids of 1–4 years and second main reason for deaths of children between 5 and 14 years. He further informed that the peak months for accidents are May to August. However, June is the month in which most number of children loses their lives due to drowning.

From 2016-2018, there have been around 6,600 emergency cases due to spa or pool injuries. The CPSC has found one risk, “suction entrapment” to be a very serious cause of deaths in pools. In this, children get trapped in the suction outlet in a spa or pool. A large number of children have died while trapped in the pool drains.

In 2008, a safety act was passed to secure the pool drains by covering them and preventing trapping through suction openings. The act, Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act was named on the granddaughter of James Baker, the former Secretary of U.S. State. She died in 2002when she was 7 due to suction entrapment in the pool.

Lenox Hill Hospital’s emergency physician, Dr. Robert Glatter, gave some tips to keep the children safe in the pools and spas. The tips included crucial points like keeping an eye on them the whole time, keeping very small kids at an arm’s length only, installing a four-sided fence and a pool alarm.

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Lyft Has Finished 55,000 Self-Driving Rides In Las Vegas

A year back, Lyft rolled out its self-driving ride platform in Las Vegas. Now, the firm declared that its 30-car fleet has completed 55,000 trips. That makes it the biggest commercial project of its type in the US. Obviously, Lyft claims it is thrilled. “So far, we have been very happy with what we have heard from our users taking a self-driving ride in Las Vegas with us,” the firm claimed to the media in an interview.

In August 2018, almost 4 months after Aptiv and Lyft dropped the autonomous cars in Vegas, they crossed 5,000 rides. As per the firm, the average ride rating stays high, 4.97 out of 5 stars. Allegedly, 92% of users felt extremely or very safe during the trip. It may assist that program still depends on a backup driver in case the system does not works. Although, it is not clear how often the trips need human interference.

In comparison to Lyft’s in general ridership, 55,000 trips is a small amount. The firm passed the million riders daily mark earlier a few years back, and it later cleared the one billionth ride goal. While Lyft might have the benefit of a clean record and an advantage, Uber lately added its self-driving car division with a major cash investment.

On a related note, Lyft has launched free banking and extremely discounted repair services for drivers, maybe in an effort to influence the best of them to select its firm against Uber’s. The ride-hailing platform has formally rolled out Lyft Driver Services, and it comprises access to debit cards dubbed as Lyft Direct and free bank accounts.

Drivers will not have to pay any banking-associated fees, and their cards will let them to instantaneously access their profits after every ride—something that can assist stop them from going into loss.

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President Trump Hopes For A Trade Deal With UK: Easier Said Than Done!

A recent trade accord of United States with Britain is likely to provide enough benefits to the latter even if it leaves the European Union. Both prime minister May and president Trump have emphasized on the likelihood of a new agreement during a press conference this week. But as of now Britain cannot open negotiations with any trade partners until it officially leaves the European Union as its Brexit plans are also in a mess. PM Theresa May is also likely to stand down so what is likely to happen is still very uncertain.

But formal discussions of US-UK deal will last several years due to political uncertainty in both countries and there is no likelihood of any investment says economists. EU is the biggest trading partner of UK and accounts for 49.4 % of its trade and US is its second largest partner with 14.7 % and its trade for 2018 was worth around $262 billion. Exports of goods and services from US stood at $141 billion producing trade surplus of $20 billion. While investments between both trading partners stood at $1 trillion around 1 million people are employed in both nations by firms from each other.

Mrs. May stated that Trump and she had discussions about positive trade agreement in the future and the deal will be of enormous proportions which will exceed the current level of trade by two to three times. But experts stated that demands of Trump’s administration are not likely to be approved by Britain and all parts of current agreement under discussion will have to be tabled during negotiations. Contentious issues likely to face barriers are imports of agricultural and livestock products from US and negotiations with National Health Services the publicly health system of Britain. All business negotiations of UK till now were being done as per EU negotiated terms and conditions but now it will have to negotiate its own deals.