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YouTube TV Subscription Up To Almost $50 Monthly

The price of YouTube channels are up by $10 to $49.99 per month. Google owned YouTube says that the increasing in prices is to deliver the better service to its customers. The company is claiming that it is adding new channels to its site. This includes Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, Food Network, TLC and HGTV.

YouTube would also be adding up OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network) during the later months of 2019. YouTube TV was originally launched at a cost of $35/month, but in March 2018, it hiked the price to$40 per month and is hiking the charges yet again. Prices are raised even further for Apple users. They have to pay around $54.99 per month.

Meanwhile, Hulu in February started charging $5 more for live TV series. Disney recently has bought majority shares in Hulu and is eyeing stake in Warner Media. Providers of these types of large TV bundles are increasing their prices every year. Some services like Sling TV has also increased its prices.

Netflix and other media streaming apps are increasing their prices especially for US subscribers. They are increasing their prices because people are switching from expensive cable services to viewing TV shows online.

The streaming media world has become extremely crowded. Apart from Netflix and Hulu, Amazon is offering streaming service to Prime members. Apple also recently announced venturing into streaming as well. As the demand for online media cannels are increasing day by day so the price of these channels is also going up.

The increase in price will come to force on immediate basis for new subscribers. Increasing the monthly subscription of YouTube TV certainly won’t go well with the customers, but the good news is that YouTube is adding eight more channels which will surely benefit the customers in the years to come.

By Charles Gonzalez

Scientific knowledge and creative writing skills are the two main features in Charles that has pushed himself towards the writing profession as the strong career option. After attaining graduation degree in Astronomical Science, he joined the News Portal as a content editor for science division. He has already gone through major science-related journals and in the spare time, he grabs more and more information about the happenings in the space.

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