Vaccine For Colorectal Cancer Shows Promising Results In Clinical Trials

Latest vaccine has just passed it safety test, showing few to no signs of side effects, said a team of researchers from the Universities in Jefferson, United States.

The test was run on patients in their initial stage of colon cancer. Over a period of time, the team observed that there was a rise in the number of T-cells that kill colon cancer.

Though the vaccine performed well, the focus was now on their side effects. GUCY2C, a name given by scientists to those cells that project characters of colon cancer, are targeted by this vaccine.

The process involved manipulating the immune system and directing it to kill the cancerous cells in the body. The success of this project proves that the immune system can be reprogrammed into fighting cancer.

There is a severe need to address the treatment of colorectal cancer primarily because of how frequently they are found. According to American Cancer Society (ACS), about 1.5 million cases of colorectal cancer.

The essence is in identifying the cancer at an early stage, since it may not project defining symptoms early on. Cancers like the pancreatic cancer, esophageal cancer and even colorectal cancer, all account to one-fifth of deaths by cancer.

The advancements in this new field and method could be promising. This phase one was concluded in a success, and now researchers are looking forward to the next phase of their study and take the medical studies promising advancements.

According to one of the Jafferson scientists Adam Snook, the team is preparing for their research of phase 2, where they are drawing the necessary requisites for the patients to recruit and study the medicines upon. According to Snook, the latest advancements look to test an enhanced version of the previous formula and they are expecting positive results here as well.

By Aaron Fortunato

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