Using Antibiotics For Long Increases Heart Risk In Women

While on one hand antibiotics are considered life-saving, on the other hand long time consumption of this kind of medicine might not be helpful for the body. According to a recent study, having antibiotics for long can lead to cardiac issues and strokes.

In this research, data of 36,500 women from United States were taken into consideration. The researchers took health data for 8 years for to check the effects of antibiotics. In this span, almost 1000 women suffered from heart diseases.

Women, who were above the age of 60 years and took antibiotics for at least 2 months, were 32% more prone to suffer from heart diseases than the rest who did not use antibiotics at this age. Women in the age group of 40- 59 years who consumed antibiotics for at least 2 months were 28% prone to heart diseases than the ones who did not take any such medicines. This information has been provided by a group of researchers who have been represented by Lu Qi. He is a director at the Tulane University Obesity Research Center, New Orleans.

So the study analyses that 6 women out of 1000, who are older in age might develop heart diseases; on the other hand, women of same age who did not take antibiotics, just 3 out of 1000 can get heart disease. Women within 20- 39 years of age who take antibiotics are not prone to heart diseases as per the study. This has been informed in the study which has been published on 24th April. The research study came up in the European Heart Journal.

During the release of the journal, Qi informed as this was just an observational study, it showed only a link between heart diseases and antibiotics. Qi also stated that it might be the case that women who had antibiotics might have other health issues as well which led to cardiac issues.

By Charles Gonzalez

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