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Trump Government Plans To Cut Foreign Aid For Northern Triangle

The Trump government stated in recent time that it plans to trim foreign assistance programs for Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador, a step that Democrats stated as “reckless and counterproductive” in dealing the problems that lead people to flee to the U.S. The State Department representative said, “On Secretary’s instructions, we are conducting the President’s direction and ending FY 2017, FY 2018 foreign aid programs for the Northern Triangle.” Northern Triangle refers to the three nations. The representative said “We would be involving Congress in the course of this process,” which can mean it requires Congress’ support to end funding.

The assistance impacts around $500 Million in 2018 funds and millions additional left over from the preceding fiscal year. The money was meant for Central America but was not been spent yet, The Washington Post declared. A senior Democratic aide engaged in the talks said they think the cuts external the law and unauthorized and that they will require Congressional approval. Senator Bob Menendez—Top Democrat on the Republican-chaired US Senate Committee on Foreign Relations—stated the verdict as “irresponsible and reckless” and he asked Republicans and Democrats to reject it. Menendez said, “The U.S. foreign aid is not charity; it boosts our strategic interests and supports initiatives that guard American citizens.”

On a similar note, recently, Trump threatened to shut “large sections” of the U.S.-Mexico border in the next week due to illegal immigration. Trump has intimidated to close the U.S.-Mexico border in the next week if Mexico does not “instantly” stop illegal immigration. In a sequence of tweets, the president expressed his thoughts. He alleged closing off border crossings, important roads for trade with a key partner. However, his threat came at a principally delicate time, as his administration anticipates Congress will sanction a substitute of the 1994 NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) by the end of summer.

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