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The U.S. Stops F-35 Equipment Delivery To Turkey

The U.S. has stopped shipment of equipment linked to the stealthy F-35 fighter aircraft to Turkey. Reports highlighted that this is the foremost solid step by the U.S. to block delivery of the jet to the NATO supporter. This move by the U.S. was taken considering Ankara’s scheduled acquisition of a Russian missile defense system. Reportedly, the U.S. officers informed their Turkish counterparts that they will not get further deliveries of F-35 associated equipment. Generally, these equipment are required to prepare for the arrival of the stealthy jet, two sources known with the condition told Reuters this week.

The Pentagon verified the Reuters report that the equipment delivery had been blocked. Mike Andrews, Spokesman, Air Force Lieutenant Colonel, Defense Department, proclaimed that pending a clear Turkish decision to stop the delivery of the S-400, deliveries and activities related to the stand-up of Turkey’s F-35 functional ability have been suspended.

On a similar note, Pentagon came into the news as its key fiber-optic communications cable was detached. This incident forced the DoD to shut down all important activities and close off its headquarters for the urgent situation repairs. Almost all 40,000 Pentagon employees are being told to anticipate staying home for about 2 Weeks starting April 1, 2019, until the damage can be completely reviewed and the services are restored.

Reportedly, a groundhog was responsible for devastating the command center and representation of the biggest military in the world. Phil Robbins, Tech Sergeant, proclaimed that he heard chewing noises in the wall near a central passage when he was on night watch. He stated, “I thought it was just a hungry security guard eating a pizza.” Then everything went dark. Ultimately, the intelligence specialists came and lured out the saboteur with corn and clover.

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