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Swipe Actions For Gmail To Come On iOS As Well

With its newest upgrade, iOS app on Gmail finally allows you tailor what takes place when you swipe your mails. Almost 5 different actions are included, comprising deleting or archiving emails, archiving, marking emails as unread or read, snoozing, or shifting them to a separate folder. You can also allocate various actions to right or left swipes.

The update offers the feature of Gmail’s iOS application into line with its Android peer. Until lately, the iOS application only allows you delete or archive emails by swiping, and swiping in different direction might result in the same thing. The update follows as fraction of a wider renovation declared by the firm earlier in January.

The feature is accessible in the newest edition of the Gmail application, which started its launch this week, but can take almost 15 Days to be accessible to all, as per the search behemoth. Once installed, you can modify what swiping performs by navigating to the Settings menu and opting for the “Swipe actions” option.

Speaking of Google, the firm made a huge goof this week when, in what appeared like a comparatively small upgrade to the connected home segment of its online store, it unintentionally leaked the presence of a new Nest device. In the picture, snapped before it was removed Police, you can see the firm advertizing the advantages of the latest Nest Hub Max, as it is dubbed. As per additional marketing pictures, it appears like the product has an in-built Nest Camera and a 10-inch HD screen along with stereo speakers.

Media does not have too much data on this product, and no details whatsoever on whether it is an actual device in progress or when it may be near to getting disclosed. Perhaps it is not real and it will never get into manufacturing, but this appears a little too exact for it to be some kind of clerical mistake.

By Aaron Fortunato

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