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Sunscreen Application Has Improved Coverage Of Face Than SPF Moisturizers

Application of SPF (sun protection factor) moisturizers has a tendency to miss more of the face, particularly around the eyelid area in comparison with sunscreen application, as per to a new study. The study was published in the journal PLOS ONE. Moreover, people applying such products are not aware that they are not covering regions susceptible to skin cancer. Reportedly, many moisturizers have SPF equal to those found in sunscreens. There is a lack of study on how SPF moisturizer application correlates to sunscreens in regards to coverage accomplished and protection afforded.

Previously, Kevin Hamill of the UOL (University of Liverpool) along with his colleagues demonstrated that users partly covered their eyelid areas while routine sunscreen application. In the latest study, scientists aimed to find if SPF moisturizer users also showed these tendencies. Around, 84% of participants were exposed to UV (ultraviolet) radiation and scanned utilizing a UV-sensitive camera during two separate visits. They were applied either SPF30 sunscreen or moisturizer with different formulations. The application was considerably worse for the moisturizer compared to the sunscreen in regards area of the complete face missed (11.1% was missed with sunscreen than 16.6% for SPF moisturizer).

Recently, the UOL was in news for its study that showed people having obesity are mostly “dehumanized.” The latest research was published in Obesity and discovered that obese people are stigmatized and are blatantly dehumanized. Presently, obesity is very widespread in most developed nations. Approximately, one-third of the U.S. adults and one-quarter of the U.K. adults are medically defined of having obesity. Nevertheless, obesity is an intricate medical condition carried by environmental, genetic, and social factors. Past research has shown that people mostly hold stigmatizing and intolerant views about obesity. This new research was conducted by Dr. Inge Kersbergen along with Dr. Eric Robinson.

By Jocelyn Camacho

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