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Study: Medicare Costs Lower In Counties With More Shrublands And Forests

The latest research finds that Medicare costs are inclined to be lower in counties with more shrublands and forests than in counties with the dominance of other types of land cover. Researchers reported that the connection continues even when accounting for geographic, economic, or other factors that might separately impact the health care costs. This analysis involved county-level health and environmental data from about 3,086 of the 3,103 counties in the continental U.S.

Douglas A. Becker, graduate student, University of Illinois, led the latest research. He proclaimed that the rural as well as urban counties with the lowest socioeconomic status seemed to get the most advantage from the growth in forests and shrubs. The findings of this research can be accessed in the journal Urban Forestry and Urban Greening.

On a similar note, the U.S. Government this week announced that it is supposed to increase 2020 payments to the health insurers by about 2.53%. Reportedly, the health insurers managing the Medicare Advantage insurance plans will get benefited with this announcement. These plans are specifically intended for seniors as well as the disabled. This is said to be a reflection of a novel estimation on medical cost enlargement. The rate impacts how much insurers charge for per month healthcare premiums, plan advantages, and how much they profit.

The U.S. Government increased the concluding payment rate from the planned rate after amending its estimation for growths in medical services for the upcoming year. Its concluding estimation of that growth rate is about 5.62%. In its February 2019 offer, it was only 4.59%. Ipsita Smolinski, Managing Director, Capitol Street, stated that the majority of the puts-and-takes remained the same as projected. However, CMS upped the growth rate. She added that it will be definitely obliging in 2020.

By Jocelyn Camacho

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