SpaceX Starlink Sat Has A Downside, Space Junk

There has been a lot of speculation about providing internet services from space and Elon Musk is almost on the verge of achieving it by announcing the launch of Starlink satellites which will beam down the internet of high-speed all around the world. However, according to the journal called Scientific American, an important issue gets raised here as any change or drop in the plan in the future can keep these satellites stranded on space and cause additional junk that is going to trap the people to the planet permanently.

The leftover dangerous debris in space can lead to something called the Kessler Syndrome which is essentially a very unfortunate situation to be in. According to Stijn Lemmens, there are chances that the company goes bankrupt in some years and there will be no one to regulate the satellites. They will just act as space junk and there will be no plans to get back down to the surface of the Earth.

Starlink showed some sort of responsibility towards the situation of avoiding excessive clutter on space by deciding to launch the constellation in a latitudinal orbit lower than natural so that the space junk gets lowered. Experts believe that the number of satellites is only going to increase over the years and if remained so and things go south, it would take close to 1000 years to get all of them and bring back peace in space.

According to a review written in the MIT technology, with the advent of the new constellation, the chances of collisions will stand at a whopping 67000. It has been inferred after a lot of calculations which confirm that the chances of a satellite hitting one another stands at 67000 which is actually quite a big risk to take. Since there are no guarantees available anyway, it has to be paid more heed and by being proactive.

By Aaron Fortunato

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