Sony Envisages Clothes With Haptic Feedback For PSVR

Sony may have grander VR ambitions for the PS5 beyond a traditional controllers and headset to allow you play games in a body suit similar to Ready Player One. It filed a copyright for a VR glove having haptic feedback, and recommended it might even bring the technology to other clothing, indicating you could possibly “feel” an in-game product when you use it, get a sense of what it is like to be sacked in Madden, or experience every blow in Call of Duty.

While the copyright is only for gloves, Sony cites that the haptic feedback technology can be employed in “footwear, a hat, shirt, or pants.” The firm is mulling over series of systems to make the haptic feedback operate, such as cooling or heating elements, compressed gas, a motor, and liquid. The systems might certainly operate in concert with PSVR to offer you the correct types of touch feedback at the correct time, although it is not clear whether the present headset might be compatible.

As per the patent, you would be capable of feeling the shape and texture of a virtual object, movement from the product, the pressure you apply on object, and how close it is to a different object. The technology might also be capable of providing touch feedback when things occur to your character, comprising moved, being held, tossed, crushed, felt, dropped, squeezed, rubbed, or pressed, which appears only slightly frightening.

On a related note, bomb disposal personnel will not have to out their lives in danger each time they have to disable an explosive if they can do it using a proxy—such as a robot they can manage distantly. According to the Ministry of Defence in the UK, the British Army has got 4 enhanced bots that can do this type of job. Unlike other devices used for disarming bomb, these ones have “advanced haptic feedback.”

By Charles Gonzalez

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