Samsung CEO Claims That Galaxy Home Will Ship Q3 2019

It has been a long road for the Galaxy Home to market. And now, Hyun-suk Kim (Samsung CEO who controls the firm’s user electronics department) has offered yet one more release window for the device: sometime in Q3 of this year, as per media reports.

“The Galaxy Home device, which will be the center of home appliances by Samsung, is projected to be rolled out in mid-H2 of 2019,” claimed Kim, which media explains that other Samsung officials have hinted to the Q3 of 2019.

The Galaxy Home was initially declared in August last year when the firm also launched the Note 9. And while Samsung has displayed the product at different events since then, the firm still has still to launch it. Earlier, DJ Koh (Samsung CEO) had committed an April export date for the Bixby smart device, which the firm missed.

And when reached for an interview earlier, Samsung executives claimed to the media that the firm was “projecting to roll out Galaxy Home in the H1 of this year,” which might have offered the firm a time until the June-end. But on the basis of Kim’s latest statement, it might appear that the firm will not be shipping by then either.

On a related note, in spite of not yet exporting its smart device, Samsung seems to already be operating on a follow-up to that smart speaker. A new filing at FCC (Federal Communications Commission) shows that the firm has a new “AI device” in progress, which seems like a tinnier edition of the Galaxy Home with no legs and a smaller body. It maintains its cauldron-akin shape, and it is probably going to be a cheaper, tinier, peer to the original. There is not a whole lot of data to get here about the original or the mini Galaxy Home device.

By Charles Gonzalez

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