New Drug Likely To Curb Pain, Depression And Obesity

Some of the most common diseases around the world include obesity, chronic pain and depression. A recent research has given hopes that there can be a single medicine for all these health conditions. According to a study, almost 40% of the Americans suffered from weight gain in 2015 and 2016. Almost 40% of the world population suffers from excess weight while 13% of these people are obese.

As per a report from World Health Organization or WHO, depression is considered to be the most common cause of disability around the world. In United States almost 17 million have witnessed at least 1 incident of critical depression in their life. According to another report from Center for Disease Control & Prevention or CDC, there are almost 50 million people in United States suffering from severe pain. Several other researchers indicate a link between chronic pain with depression, opioid addiction and anxiety. All these conditions negatively impact the overall health and lifestyle of Americans.

A new study is giving hopes to patients suffering from these health conditions. Felix Hausch, who is a PhD from the Darmstadt Technical University, is leading this study. The study was carried out at Germany. According to this research, FK506 binding protein 51 (also called FKBP51) is a protein which can act as a single link between all these diseases. Hausch and his fellow researchers have found out a chemical compound which can act as a barrier to the functionality of FKBP51 in mice. The drug is expected to offer relief from chronic pain, mood swings and bring reduction in weight gain caused due to food in the mouse model.

FKBP51 plays a pivotal role in boosting depression chronic pain, high blood sugar levels and obesity. Some previous studies also stated that FKBP51 might regulate metabolism rate and stress.

By Charles Gonzalez

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