Netflix Buys Storybot For Next Gen Sesame Street

Netflix has decided to purchase StoryBots, which was responsible for the Netflix-original children’s show ‘Ask the StoryBots’.

Founded by Evan and Gregg Spiridellis, they are also JibJab’s creators. The price is immaterial for Netflix, as per a trusted source in the loop about this matter.

This is a major change that the company has gone through for purchasing intellectual property. After the Millar World purchase in 2017, this is the second acquisition of a content-based company. Available in over 22 languages and 190 countries, the show’s third season will release this year. StoryBots is set to expand its footprint in Netflix post acquisition.

Spiridellis told CNBC that Netflix was looking to create more globally based educational content resembling Sesame Street, which was the reason behind its acquisition.

The brothers had sold off JibJab to Catapult Capital around six months earlier to concentrate on StoryBots. The show has been on-air since 2016 on Netflix. The company’s sale would allow the brothers to scale up distribution and utilize Netflix’s ability for merchandising and licensing its characters.

Snoop Dogg, Ali Wong and Edward Norton are among the multiple celebrities who’ve been featured on the show.

The brothers will continue to work for Netflix’s animation department. Their primary focus will be the StoryBots series alone and not any other projects, as of now, said the CEO.

Spiridellis stated that Netflix had a policy of not sharing viewership information of the show with anyone. Even the creators of the show were not spared from this. Spiridellis is eager to know how far along the show has come. Given that the series has over a billion views across the company’s website and applications and YouTube, he really wants to know this data.

Spiridellis said that since Netflix was basically data-driven all along, their secrecy might’ve been due to the metrics.

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