Musk Says Starlink Launches Vital For His Mars Vision Funding

The CEO of SpaceX, Mr. Musk told presspersons early this week on the eve of flight schedule of Falcon 9 rocket on May 16, 2019 that its Starlink satellite network will help the group to make money and help fund his long term goal of sending humans to Mars.  This is the first time that Mr. Musk had a long conversation and shared details about timeline of the Starlink constellation and how the network will work once all the satellites are up. While sharing his long term Mars vision he also confirmed that SpaceX has sufficient funds for carrying out the first phase of the project successfully.

Starlink is an essential part of the firm’s ambitious plan to have an integrated satellite network that will provide high speed internet to anywhere on earth. This constellation of Starlink network will comprise of nearly 11943 satellites that will fly in low earth orbit very close to earth. Musk affirmed that this plan is a revenue generator for SpaceX to make more advanced spaceships and rockets. He added that they can use the revenue that is earned from Starlink project to fund its trans galactic Starship program.

SpaceX’s Falcon series of rockets that are used to launch spaceships and satellites have been used nearly 70 times and now rank among the most powerful in the world due to their success rate. The ultimate vision of Musk is to send astronauts to Mars which will require larger rockets. To make this a reality SpaceX has started testing a massive rocket called Starship. Musk stated that Starship is structured in such a way that it is reusable and can transport around 100 people at a time from earth to moon and back. He also stated that recent fundraising rounds of SpaceX have been over-subscribed so they have enough funds to build and launch sufficient number of satellites to begin using the Starlink network.

By Aaron Fortunato

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