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Lyft Has Finished 55,000 Self-Driving Rides In Las Vegas

A year back, Lyft rolled out its self-driving ride platform in Las Vegas. Now, the firm declared that its 30-car fleet has completed 55,000 trips. That makes it the biggest commercial project of its type in the US. Obviously, Lyft claims it is thrilled. “So far, we have been very happy with what we have heard from our users taking a self-driving ride in Las Vegas with us,” the firm claimed to the media in an interview.

In August 2018, almost 4 months after Aptiv and Lyft dropped the autonomous cars in Vegas, they crossed 5,000 rides. As per the firm, the average ride rating stays high, 4.97 out of 5 stars. Allegedly, 92% of users felt extremely or very safe during the trip. It may assist that program still depends on a backup driver in case the system does not works. Although, it is not clear how often the trips need human interference.

In comparison to Lyft’s in general ridership, 55,000 trips is a small amount. The firm passed the million riders daily mark earlier a few years back, and it later cleared the one billionth ride goal. While Lyft might have the benefit of a clean record and an advantage, Uber lately added its self-driving car division with a major cash investment.

On a related note, Lyft has launched free banking and extremely discounted repair services for drivers, maybe in an effort to influence the best of them to select its firm against Uber’s. The ride-hailing platform has formally rolled out Lyft Driver Services, and it comprises access to debit cards dubbed as Lyft Direct and free bank accounts.

Drivers will not have to pay any banking-associated fees, and their cards will let them to instantaneously access their profits after every ride—something that can assist stop them from going into loss.

By Aaron Fortunato

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