Jaguar Offers Digital Tokens To Its Car Owners For Sharing Driving Data

Jaguar Land Rover is working to generate an income source for its car owners in the form of digital currencies. The British multinational automotive company specified that the drivers would soon receive payments as in cryptocurrency for allowing their vehicles to transmit traffic, potholes, and other metrics-related data to the car manufacturer as well as interested third parties.

Jaguar Land Rover is testifying the new smart wallet system at its software hub in Shannon. If the system is validated and implemented, it is not mandatory that the drivers would have to share the data with the companies. However, the company is expecting a positive response from the drivers, which will offer them digital tokens in return for sharing road statistics.

Together with the IOTA Foundation, the company is developing its distributed ledger tech to exploit it for the payments. The company stated that no transaction fee would be charged and all the payments comprising tolls, coffee, and parking could be made automatically through this service.

On a similar note, South Korean smartphone manufacturer, Samsung, is going to incorporate blockchain and cryptocurrency features on its budget smartphones too. This information was recently published by the local media Business Korea.

As per the report, the blockchain & crypto-related features already integrated into Samsung’s flagship headset S10 will also be rolling out in its other Galaxy models. The smartphone manufacturer is even looking to join forces with telecommunication service providers on blockchain-based cellphones’ ID cards and fiat currencies.

Crypto wallet functions for bitcoin (BTC), and ether (ETH), along with two other tokens would be incorporated in Samsung’s already launched flagship Galaxy S10 series smartphones. The report was released by Cointelegraph in the February end.

Samsung is not the exclusive company that is focused to introduce blockchain services in their smartphones. HTC also revealed of launching blockchain-based budget smartphones by the third quarter of the ongoing year.

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