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Ground Beef Likely To Be The Cause Of E Coli Says CDC

On April 12, 2019, the American Center of Disease Control released a research statement in which the researchers found that ground beef was responsible for the outbreak of E. coli. One of the spokesperson of CDC said that most of the people who were found positive with the E. coli infection had consumed ground beef either at the restaurant or in their home.

At present, none of the ground beef distributors had been considered as a prime cause for E. coli outbreak. One of the authoritative figures of CDC also said that the organization isn’t advising any person to eat ground meat. He further said that at this time the CDC isn’t proposing that the restaurants should stop serving ground meat to its customers.

Near about six states of the US viz. Virginia, Ohio, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, and Tennessee have patients suffering from E. coli infestation. Around 75 patients have been questioned by health inspectors. Investigators reported that out of 75 patients, 48 had consumed ground beef before they got infected by E. coli.

Most common symptoms of E. coli infection are vomiting, stomach cramps and diarrhea. On average, the symptoms of E. coli infection showcase within 4 days, after a person consumes bacteria infested food. People usually recover from E. coli infection within a week.

According to sources, the first case of E. coli infection was reported back on March 2, 2019. On that day, 17 patients were hospitalized who were suffering from this infestation. At present Federal as well as state health officials are investigating the sole cause of the case.

Most of the officials of CDC are making people aware to wash their hands thoroughly before food consumption. They are also suggesting for cooking the ground beef at 160 degrees which helps to get rid of E. coli. Furthermore, they are also advised not to mix raw and cooked ground beef together.

By Charles Gonzalez

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