Google Veteran Launches Free App For Patients To Record Doctor’s Notes

A veteran working in technology sector who started his career at Facebook and then at alphabet, David Weekly who initially wasn’t very keen on working in health care sector, until he found out that multiple people of his family were found to have cancer. Having gained a valuable experience from caring for his people, he found multiple lapses in the medical system. Before settling upon solving one of it, from many others he had witnessed.

Weekly is considered to be one amongst the mass of people who are sailing towards the health sector from tech industry giving birth to a massive trend. Many of these individuals are motivated through their personal experiences who found that there was much that could be done to improve the current health care system.

Finding the potential in this recent trend, massive investments of estimated $30 Billion had been made in this sector since 2011. Most of which were made towards hospitals, health plans and other industry stakeholders. Weekly standout in this term as his venture was focused towards the improvement of health care for the consumers.

By his venture the free Medcorder application, which came into the markets on Friday is primarily used by the patients to record their visits to listen and share it with their family later. Weekly had credited his late father for the inspiration of this app, who had passed away due to cancer.

Other examples of tech folks may include George Zachary, a well-known investor in the popular social media app twitter. Zachary had launched a bio fund after a cancer phobia. Google executive Adrian Aoun also jumped into this sector after starting a primary care network when his family member became sick. Similarly, ex-Google executive Stephanie Tilenius left the company to develop a chronic disease management application after spending years being trapped between work and taking care of his sickly father.

By Charles Gonzalez

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