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Google To Close Its Vain Google+ Social Network

Google has officially initiated the procedure for closing down and removing all customer accounts on its Google+ social network platform. With this move by the firm, its attempt to directly vie with the likes of Twitter and Facebook would come to an end. This week, a Google spokesperson confirmed to The Verge that the latest shutdown is in progress.

Google+ is being phased out owing to “near to the ground usage” and as it turned into something of a security liability for Google; the firm has revealed two key data leaks. These data leaks could lead to the data exposure of about tens of millions of Google+ users to outside developers. The foremost vulnerability, which was undisclosed for months, impelled Google to make a decision that it was time to shut down Google+ for good. The second incident led to the firm speeding up those shutdown strategies by about four months. It means the service is supposed to meet its end in April 2019 instead of August 2019.

On a similar note, after the recent wave of cost cuts at Amazon’s Whole Foods revealed this week, Walmart today launched its own strategies to compete with Amazon on grocery shopping. The firm disclosed collaboration with Google and is introducing a novel voice-ordering facility named Walmart Voice Order. This feature can work across Google Assistant-powered platforms such as Google’s displays and smart speakers, smartwatches, smartphones, and more.

The news follows a few attempts by Walmart to go into voice-based commerce, regardless of not offering its personal hardware or voice assistant platform, as Amazon does with Echo and Alexa, respectively. About two years ago, Google and Walmart had partnered for a voice-based shopping through Google Home devices. Customers could effortlessly reorder favorites using Google’s shopping service named Google Express. However, this January, Walmart moved out from Google Express’ marketplace. More recently, the firm was said to be testing an online grocery voice application.

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