Ghosn Face Fresh Charges From Nissan—Report

Carlos Ghosn, the former chairperson of Nissan, who was arrested on November 2018,was indicted on Monday on charges of breach of trust and allegations involving financial misconduct abroad. Following indictment by the Japanese prosecutors, the lawyers of Ghosn had appealed for his bail. This was disclosed by the District Court in Tokyo.

The charges that were filed against him are related to payments that were made by a Japanese automaker subsidiary. It was accused that all the payments landed in the accounts of a private investment business that is controlled by the 65-year-old Ghosn.

It was the fourth indictment and it is now clear that he will be under detention until the bail is granted. Ghosn, however, pleaded innocence. The granting of the bail is a lengthy process, as the prosecutors and his defense lawyers are not likely to come in an agreement on the conditions of Ghosn’s release.

As per the Tokyo District Court, Ghosn’s breach of trust had resulted in financial damages worth $5 million to Nissan, as he had siphoned off half of the $10 million dollars. It also said that he had diverted $2.5 billion in the month of July 2017 and another $2.5 million in the entire year to his own company. It is also alleged that he had utilized the amount for his personal use.

The Japanese media speculated that the prosecutors had almost completed the long investigation. However, Shin Kukimoto, the Deputy Chis prosecutor announced on Monday that he is not able to state whether further charges will be brought in against him. However, a criminal complaint was also lodged against Ghosn in regards to this indictment.

Ghosn received a bail worth 1 billion Yen, of $9 million in March this year. However, the prosecutors had him rearrested after just one month. At present, he is in the Detention House of Tokyo for further interrogation.

By Aaron Fortunato

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