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Ethiopia Asks Boeing To Evaluate Its Control Systems

Ethiopia has stated that Boeing must analyze the “controllability” of its 737 MAX 8 airplane model and those aviation officials should confirm that the flight control system was “sufficiently addressed” by the U.S. airplane maker. The Boeing 737 Max 8 plane killed 157 people on the board on March 10 just a few minutes after its flight’s take off from Addis Ababa. Dagmawit Moges—Ethiopian Transport Minister—outlined an initial report into the crash and stated pilots onboard had performed flight procedures as stated by Boeing. The U.S. FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) and Boeing have proposed that the collapse might have been averted if the pilots just followed instituted safety procedures.

The minister said that the preliminary review suggested that the airplane company must analyze the aircraft flight control systems of the Boeing 737 Max 8 prior to releasing the airplane to operators. And those officials must examine if the flight control system was correctly reviewed sooner than that plane is released back to airlines. Moges further added that the inquiry of the crash was not about culpability but was related to ensuring air safety. She asserted she expected the final report in a year. Ethiopia Airlines in a statement stated that in spite of their hard work and full obedience with the disaster procedures, it was very fateful that they cannot recover the aircraft from the perseverance of nose diving.

Recently, the FAA was in news as the authority is planned to join with UAE’s aviation body on Boeing 737 Max. Ismael al Blooshi—Assistant Director at the GCAA (General Civil Aviation Authority)—stated to Reuters that the UAE has accepted a request to join the U.S. FAA’s review body on the Boeing 737 Max. The MAX has been suspended globally from last month after two deadly crashes in 5 Months engaging the same airplane type, killing all 346 people. Boeing has stated a software upgradation to prevent flawed data from activating an anti-stall system—which is under scrutiny after the fatal nose-down collapses—will be submitted in the upcoming weeks.

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