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Employee Privacy To Be Compromised As More Companies Use Tech Surveillance

Recently, analysts have raised several questions against strict corporate surveillance, due to which privacy of employees gets compromised. Contrary to this, more and more corporate hubs are guarding the movement of their employees during office hours. Employers are also stating that strict surveillance is helping them to increase the overall output of their organization.

During the beginning of 2019, one of the companies has launched an ultrasonic bracelet, which will help to locate the position of a warehouse worker. Few analysts also believe that the new technology will help the company to save a lot of money in biometrics and employee track down.

Moreover, last year Walmart has included a technology with which it could easily hear the conversation been made by customers and their employees. This process has also given officials a chance to judge their employees’ on duty performance. While speaking to the press, Kory Lundberg said that the company hasn’t made a decision whether to use the opportunity or not. UPS is also using similar equipment inside the logistical trucks which provides them an opportunity to see whether their driver is operating the vehicle properly or not.

During a press interview, Lee Tien said that due to a rise in sophisticated surveillance technologies many corporate employees have to face difficulty. At present, companies are also considering public posts made by an employee as it can affect a company in many ways.

While speaking to the press Eva Sage-Gavin said that company owners can build trust with employees in two ways. The first option she gave was to offer employees control over data by sharing the data they are accessing. The second option she gave was that employers should regulate a corporate culture through the help of shared responsibility. Furthermore, Accenture provided advice to companies about data co-ownership; this will give them a chance to make sure that the data is used in an ethical manner.

By Charles Gonzalez

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