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Chinese Developers Protest Against Long Working Hours Using GitHub

Chinese tech employees are protesting against long working hours. Now, they have taken the fight to GitHub. If one check GitHub’s recent trending list, a repository called 996.ICU can be seen. It is a reference to working for almost 12 Hours starting from 9 AM to 9 PM for about six days per week, then being moved to a hospital ICU for overtiredness. Instead of code, the repository has a group of workplace grievances against China’s largest and most famous tech firms. The list of companies includes Huawei, Alibaba, DJI, Bytedance, and others.

The original unidentified developer initially posted the project on V2EX, a Chinese social platform. He highlighted that such an extreme work schedule disallowed them to “rest and have time to communicate with their family members.” Anybody can contribute to the repository. But, the lists are intended for Chinese workers.

On a similar note, Matthew Bassiur, Vice President & Head, Global Intellectual-Property Enforcement, Alibaba Group, came into the news as achieved the “Luxury Law Innovator in IP Rights and Technology” award. Reportedly, this award was presented at the Luxury Law Summit in London this week.

The Luxury Law Summit is organized every year in London. It is known for bringing together more than 300 leaders and executives from luxury brands. Mary Heaney, CEO, Luxury Law Alliance, stated that the list of these brands includes Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Prada, and Tiffany. It as well includes luxury conglomerates such as Kering, Richemont, and LVMH. The Luxury Law Awards are known for recognizing leaders in the practice of luxury law. Fred Mostert, President, Luxury Law Alliance, which presides over the awards, stated that Bassiur received this award for exceptional leadership in IP protection on a global level. He added that Bassiur’s numerous accomplishments throughout a distinguished career in both the private and government sectors led to achieving this award.

By Aaron Fortunato

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