Chinese Apps, Games Gaining Popularity With US Consumers

Applications of mobile developed by China’s biggest firms of technology are catching up with the customers of US in last few years showing us how companies of the second largest economy in the world are growing beyond Asia and domestic market.

As per the data of Sensor Tower in 2019’s first quarter, the applications developed by China or those by companies with mainly Chinese investors got revenue of $674.8 million in US. The research industry of mobile app have only considered top 100 apps by downloads and revenue all across the app store of Apple and Google Play store. The revenue has made up for 22% of the top 100 application’s total sales.  The haul of first-quarter of 2019 marks 67% in revenue from 2018. The technology firms of China have expanded into US in spite of the ongoing trade war between the two countries and the negative sentiments that is exists towards Chinese companies like Huawei.

TikTok comes third when it comes to the most downloaded applications in the first quarter in US which is behind the game – Color Bump 3D and Facebook Messenger. TikTok is created by ByteDance which is the highly priced private firms of technology in China. TikTok is called Douyin in China. Changing the branding and names, Chinese apps have gained popularity among the US customers. A data analyst at Sensor Tower Sanders Tran said that publishers of Chinese apps have become adept when it comes to understanding the US customers whether it is about carving a new niche in social media or capitalizing hot trends amongst gamers in West with titles like PUBG mobile. He added that the publishers have also expanded the understanding of acquisition of user in US market that has let them mount effective campaigns of marketing. These publishers have also backed these with proper spending and often topping the charts of advertisers on Facebook and mobile app networks, he said.

By Aaron Fortunato

Aaron has accomplished his graduate degree in B. Tech Electronics and Communications from the reputed University in the Year 2014. After that, he pursued his career as a technical writer and has been contributing to our technical writing division. Along with writing and editing articles, PRs, and blogs, he also conducts seminars and short classes for the team to share knowledge and make improvements in the current strategies followed by them. His passion for technical writing provokes him to explore updated technology-based gadgets, attending exhibitions, and attending conferences.

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