China’s iQiyi Launches VR Headset For $300

iQiyi, a China-based video company has stepped into the VR hardware business which is innovative for a media-based platform.

It released Qiyu 2S, a cheaper version of the VR headset launched the previous year, on Thursday.

No sickness or discomfort, light weight and a lack of heft noticed in other VR devices were a few features observed on testing the device. Weighing only 280 grams, it has a 4K resolution, wireless WiFi connectivity and a price of $299 or 1999 yuan. Last year’s VR II headset costs around $100 more. Manufactured by Qiyu, an iQiyi subsidiary, the device utilized chips supplied by Qualcomm.

From a streaming service to a production house for drama series, variety shows, etc, iQiyi has come a long way since its beginning in 2010. It currently has 87 million subscribers and counting. At this week’s conference held in Beijing, it stated AI, VR and AR to be its prime objectives.

An ability to oversee content and hardware can give iQiyi a unique advantage. The VR-based headset is quite a major step for a company that’s primarily focussed on distributing and producing entertainment.

Users can gain a front row seat view during pop concerts by using their devices, a major feature. A completely virtual cinema experience, filled with theatre seats and a hi-res projection screen to watch shows and movies, is available for current users. Gaming platforms like Steam are also supported. The company is currently in an effort to expand in this sector.

Other apps utilizing VR content can also be used via the headset, as per iQiyi. Programs are controlled by use of a remote, which is handheld.

iQiyi’s online portal, JD, and Alibaba’s Tmall are the distributors for this headset, from where customers can buy them. Pre-sales bookings commenced on Friday. The device will get a pro upgrade in October.

By Charles Gonzalez

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