Boeing To Use Better Tech To Replace 900 Inspectors

Aircraft manufacturer Boeing which is facing backlash after recent crash of its 737 Max airplanes has announced that it will cut down 900 real time inspectors from its Seattle factories and will replace them with technical arms even as it is witnessing quality issues in its other aircrafts. This announcement has met with strong criticism by workers’ union that has called it a bad decision and stated in its newsletter that the move will eliminate another set of eyes on work packages. The International Association of Machinists and Aerospace workers informed its members that around 451 inspectors are likely to be transferred to other responsibilities this year.

A similar number of inspectors will be transferred next year out of actual count of 3000 inspectors from Boeing’s commercial operations at Seattle. Boeing has confirmed the news but has not disclosed exact number of workers that will be involved in this change and stated that this transformation will help in improving quality of operations. It is still facing the aftermath of the crash of two 737 Max jets that led to death of more than 300 people. This occurred due to malfunction of its automated system that holds down the plane’s nose.

Worldwide 737 Max planes have been grounded as Boeing is attempting to rewrite and improve the software which led to the debacle and estimates that the twin disasters will cost the firm close to $1 billion. This incident and another report by New York Times has affected the airline firm’s reputation very negatively as it brought to light the shoddy work done in its factory at South Carolina which forced US Air Force to halt deliveries of KC-46 refueling tanker based on its 787 jetliner. Boeing announced that this removal of inspection staff will enhance the quality and safety of its planes as electronic equipment can now carry out more thorough scrutiny when compared to humans.

By Charles Gonzalez

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