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Beijing Won’t Let Anyone Harm Their Interest—Report

The recent trade negotiations between China and United States have reached a deadlock on May 12, 2019. Washington had asked for promises of huge changes in Chinese law but Beijing stood their ground saying they would not negotiate on terms that were against their own interests. The long term trade war between China and United States had heightened on Friday when the latter increased the tariffs on a net amount of $200 billion Chinese products. It was formulated after President Donald Trump mentioned that Beijing was the first one to break off negotiations on their previous commitments which they had made in the previous month.

Economic Advisor of White House, Larry Kudlow stated that China will have to give their consent to certain strong enforcement programs for a deal at the moment. United States has stuck to the legal changes that they wanted Beijing to make, which were previously decided by both the countries. Kudlow had mentioned that tariffs on the behalf of US would continue to remain the same during negotiation period. However, Beijing clearly mentioned no change in their decision.

In a newspaper under the dominance of Communist Party in China mentioned that China would not risk the respect of their country and none of the countries should expect China to do things against their interest and damage their core interests. The newspaper had also mentioned that Beijing was agreeing to talk further. However, they could not bend down to few significant issues due to their principles. A nationalist tabloid in China named Global Times mentioned that the country need not fear another trade war to happen with US. The notion that China would not be able to tolerate was a fantasy or a misperception. If not instigated, China would never go into another trade war. However, if China is put to tactical restrictions, China can go far to protect their own sovereignty and dignity to retain the development rights of their citizens.

By Aaron Fortunato

Aaron has accomplished his graduate degree in B. Tech Electronics and Communications from the reputed University in the Year 2014. After that, he pursued his career as a technical writer and has been contributing to our technical writing division. Along with writing and editing articles, PRs, and blogs, he also conducts seminars and short classes for the team to share knowledge and make improvements in the current strategies followed by them. His passion for technical writing provokes him to explore updated technology-based gadgets, attending exhibitions, and attending conferences.

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