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Amazon Joins The Cat Race Of Satellites Launching For Internet Connectivity

In the race of launching a constellation of satellites deep into the dark space, Amazon has recently thought of entering the list of companies ready to rocket thousands of satellites into space for unlimited and break-free broadband Internet connectivity. Amazon has been ruling the online shopping giant since years and it is just a sudden plan that the company has demanded the international spectrum regulators to easily give access to the airwaves for a constellation of 3,236 satellites. Kuiper Systems along with the International Telecommunication Union will be having Amazon’s name carved out. Amazon has openly declared that it has plans to connect with Kuiper Systems so as to start working on its plan of building a constellation of 3,236 satellites.

Kuiper is a small and novel initiative developed so as to help to initiate a constellation of Low Earth Orbit satellites that will be designed to provide high-speed broadband and low-latency connectivity to all the underserved and unserved set of communities present all across the globe. The basic goal is to provide 10s of millions of people who lack access to the broadband internet using this long-term project. Amazon plans to connect to other companies having the same vision as well. Amazon plans to launch satellites in 3 Years such as 1,156 in a 630-kilometer orbit, 1,296 in a 610-kilometer orbit, and 784 in a 590-kilometer orbit. According to Founder Jeff Bezos of Amazon, Blue Origin is the launch company which is planning on building a recyclable rocket called New Glenn for rocketing commercial and government satellites.

By 2021, the first flight of New Glenn will be taking off and the company has already started a ground station service last year for in order to support the communications with satellites for low Earth orbit. The company has yet to apply for the U.S. Federal Communications Commission in order to gain access to the domestic market access with its constellation. Amazon plans to orbits the Earth closer than the other companies’ plans. Boeing had also planned on a constellation of between 1,396 and 2,956 satellites in 2016 but has currently declared that it has moved forward. Boeing had applied with the FCC and the international bureau of it has clearly said that the company has withdrawn its applications last year.

By Charles Gonzalez

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